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Maintain Contact

Maintain ContactFor every lead generated generated, there should be a plan of action to follow. It is unlikely that one call and one mailing are going to turn your prospect into a customer. Generally it takes several points of contact for the prospect to recall your company and consider you as a viable source.

Before we begin any lead generation program, we discuss the follow up plan with our client. If a prospect requests a call or further information, is there someone in your company staying on top of these? Many of our clients handle this phase in house and have an effective plan in place. We have worked with many clients, however, that either do not have the manpower, the time, or the software to handle this as efficiently as they would prefer. At Eagle Concepts, Inc., we have developed a systematic approach to managing new leads. Our team can handle the initial call, the mailing of literature, the follow up call and also keep in contact with the prospect on a regular basis. The level of need for each contact is assessed and follow up calls are scheduled accordingly. At all times, we are representing you, our customer, and if a prospect prefers not to be contacted often we respect their wishes and it is noted. You are kept up to date on the progress of each prospect and at any time there is a request for a quote or a salesperson to contact, that information is forwarded immediately. The goal of any lead generation program is not to keep them as leads but to turn them into customers. With an effective prospecting and follow up plan, your lead to customer ratio can only improve. Contact Eagle Concepts Inc. for more details.

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Are your leads being pursued after initial contact?

Have you kept in contact with your smaller accounts?

How well do your customers know you?

Are you generating new contacts on a regular basis?