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Database Updates

Eagle Concepts has helped many companies improve business just by updating their existing database information. Our calling programs are economical, efficient, and result oriented.

  1. Do you do direct mailings?
  2. Do you know why a customer is inactive?
  3. Are there duplicate listings in your database?
  4. Do you know all the new area codes?
  5. Are all your contacts in a database?

Utilizing the data you already have can be a good place to start generating more business. Find out which companies should be in your active database and which ones need pitched. Your company will benefit by saving money on targeted mailings, streamlining your customer database, and by opening new lines of communication.

  • Determine correct contact names
  • Update address, phone and fax numbers, email addresses
  • Filter out no needs and closed businesses
  • Find new contact names in different departments

Contact Eagle Concepts Inc. for more details.

Eagle Concepts, Inc.
75 Museum Road
Washington, PA 15301
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Are your leads being pursued after initial contact?

Have you kept in contact with your smaller accounts?

How well do your customers know you?

Are you generating new contacts on a regular basis?