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Our Services

Eagle Concepts, Inc. has been providing customized business to business telemarketing programs since 1993. We provide lead generation, surveying, appointment setting, database cleansing and list generation services for local, regional and national companies. Our primary focus has been with industrial companies but we have had many successful programs with service companies as well.

Individual Attention – We keep in contact to ensure the program is meeting expectations, and we are able to make adjustments or change gears. Each client's results are emailed or faxed daily.

Accessible – We are always available to answer questions.

Industry Experience – We have worked with over 100 different types of industrial products or services. A large majority of our experience is with material handling products.

Low minimum of hours – Our weekly minimum is 6 hours of calling. A total program minimum is 40 hours.

Benefits to you: Flexible calling schedules – spot projects - if you have a project in April and then not another one until September, we are able to accommodate your schedule.

1 Sales and Lead Generation
2 Surveys
3 Prospect Appointment Setting
4 Maintain Contact
5 Database Updates

Eagle Concepts, Inc.
75 Museum Road
Washington, PA 15301
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