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Eagle Concepts, Inc.

Since 1993, Eagle Concepts, Inc. has been providing customized business to business calling programs for industrial and service companies. Our services include Sales Lead Generation / Lead Qualification, Surveys, Prospect Appointment Setting, Maintaining Contact and Database Cleaning. We are able to offer flexible calling programs to fit your budget. Trial periods are available and we can accommodate short term or spot projects as well as long term commitments.

We are not a call center, so there is no background noise of other callers, nor do we have callers working from their home. We act essentially as an outsourced wing of your sales and marketing team. Our callers are trained prior to each project, act confident during the call and provide well documented results. Our longevity can be attributed to the quality of our services, the honesty of our results and our genuine concern for each client’s success.


Sales Lead Generation - When it comes to generating and prospecting leads, the quality of the lead is the most important factor. Eagle Concepts has years of experience generating quality leads for regional and national companies in a variety of businesses. more...


Surveys - Surveys can be beneficial to any type of business. Whether you are calling inactive, current, or potential customers, a targeted survey with pointed questions can provide the answers you need to increase business. more...

Prospect Appointment Setting

Prospect Appointment Setting - Most sales people would prefer being in a meeting with a pre qualified prospect rather than making hours of cold calls. Many companies have chosen to outsource appointment setting for the sales staff in order to make the best use of their time. more...

Maintain Contact

Maintain Contact - Once a lead is generated, it is important to maintain contact to foster a relationship. After the intial information is mailed, are you following up on the mailing? Do you have a schedule to contact them on a regular basis?. more...

Database Updates

Database Updates - Eagle Concepts has helped many companies improve business just by updating their existing customer information. Our calling programs are economical, efficient, and result oriented. more...

Eagle Concepts, Inc.
75 Museum Road
Washington, PA 15301
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Are your leads being pursued after initial contact?

Have you kept in contact with your smaller accounts?

How well do your customers know you?

Are you generating new contacts on a regular basis?